Indo-Pacific Conference of the Theosophical Society 2019

The next Indo-Pacific Conference of the Theosophical Society will take place from the 9th to 12th November, 2019. Arrivals should be on 8th November and Departures on 13th November. It will be held in the Philippines in the city of Manila. The theme of the conference will be, 'Let Your Light Shine' and we look forward to welcoming as many TS members as possible. Members may book their flights now and the hotel is in the process of being arranged. Further details will be available as soon as possible.
Please share this information with members in your lodges and branches as we would like to spread this information widely. It would be wonderful to see lots of our members attending this conference. In addition please publicise this information on your website and in any of your TS magazines or journals.
More information will be added as it becomes available.