Esoteric Theosophy


Im Interested in finding out more about the ES and was wondering if anyone could answer some questions without stepping over the Requirement of Secrecy obviously.

firstly What is the Es' relationship to the TS?

Are the ES teachings derived from the Secret Doctrine and other books readily available in the TS library or is there some other body of knowledge given?

and several of the rules set out by blavatsky seem to be more emphasised today. i.e. ive been told that there is a strict vegetarian diet adhered to, yet blavatsky says only where one's diet would permit.

and also blavatsky prohibits all intoxicants except cigarettes, which she considers "not an intoxicant" but which have been shown to be otherwise today.

What is the current ES' position on this?



General discussion

The best way to find out about the ES is to contact the National President or the General Secratary in your country who can put you into contact with someone who can answer your questions.

The ES is not so much a secret organisation but rather a private one. Its members are devoted TS members who are dedicated to the work of the Society.