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Just Curious as to how this website is going? when did it come online and what does it aim to achieve? are there any ideas for further development and can we incorporate it into theosophical group discussions?


General discussion

Hi Mikhayl

The idea of the website came out of the Indo-Pacific Federation conference in Manila last November. It is very much still in development but slowly moving forward.

Its aims are explained on the front page and under the history section but put in a nutshell it is to promote Theosophy in the Indo-Pacific region and support the work of the Theosophical Societies in those areas.

Yes you can incorporate it into a theosophical group discussions. It is easy to create forms for groups and regions as needed.

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from and what are your interests?


Im From the Hobart Branch in Tasmania, Australia. Ive been a member for about a year and a half now and have found my time highly productive. Ive also visited the Brisbane Lodge and went to Springbook this year which i would recommend to anyone to go at least once :) What about yourself? Mikhayl

Great to be able to put you into context Mikhayl. I attended Springbrook some years ago, at a session run by Joy Mills. It was a great Theosophical experience.

I am in New Zealand, Auckland at the moment. I like to see theosophy expressed in practical ways. Have spent many years readying about it which I really enjoyed but it is through the practice that it become alive for me.