13th Triennial Conference of the Indo-Pacific Federation - Statement by IPF President

IOG 2016 group phot

13th Triennial Conference of the Indo- Pacific Federation

Auckland, New Zealand October 2016

A Report

      A few months ago members of the Theosophical Society from around the Indo-Pacific region gathered together to consider some issues that linked to the theme of the conference, 'The Why of the Theosophical Society'. The conference opened with the Prayers of the Religions which established a spiritual tone for the event and was followed by the welcoming of members, various introductions, greetings and announcements. It was a most stimulating and thoughtful gathering held at the Rose Park Hotel in Parnell, that was suitably situated next to a lovely rose garden which was perfect for some quiet reflection.  The TS team from New Zealand did a wonderful job in organizing this event where members from the across the Asia-Pacific area and beyond assembled to consider some important questions relating to the Theosophical work.

       We were fortunate to have our International President Tim Boyd with us who presented an engaging talk entitled 'The Critical Change'. Tim later spoke on 'The Importance of the Centre'.  He was accompanied by his lovely wife Lily. John Vorstermans the immediate past President of the Indo-Pacific Federation gave the inaugural talk on 'The Why of the Theosophical Society'. This talk was the first of many that encouraged us to consider questions related to the purpose of the TS and how we might go about furthering the work in our part of the world. There were also other articulate speakers from different parts of the TS world including New Zealand, Australia, France, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and India, making it a truly international gathering characterized by a real fraternal spirit.

      During the conference a workshop was conducted on 'The Work of the Indo-Pacific Federation', where delegates discussed a variety of topics pertinent to further developing the TS work in our region. The matters arising out of this workshop could provide a basis for the renewed spread of Theosophy in our respective lodges, sections and regions.  In addition an informative TOS discussion panel was convened to discuss the valuable work of the Theosophical Order of Service and the many ways it applies Theosophy practically in the area of social service. There was some light entertainment on the final evening of the conference and this further consolidated the tangible feelings of brotherhood that had permeated the event.

    It was agreed that we would have the next Indo-Pacific Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in  2019. The dates will be announced in due course. It would be very nice if TS members from across the IPF could join us for our next conference in three years time and they are certainly warmly invited to this event. So let us take those bonds of brotherhood that were reinforced at the 13th Triennial Conference of the Indo-Pacific  Federation and work to further spread the Light of Theosophy in an increasingly materialistic world. I look forward to meeting many TS members as I visit some of the lodges across our region and hope to renew old friendships along the way.  

Kind regards,

Gerard Brennan

President, IPF.