The 13th Triennial Conference of the Indo-Pacific Federation 2016

The Indo-Pacific Federation Conference will be held in Auckland, New Zealand from 14 to 19 October 2016, starting with arrivals on Friday 14 October and 6:00pm dinner, and finishing with breakfast and departures on Wednesday morning 19 October.  We are fortunate to have confirmed Tim and Lily Boyd as guests for this conference.

We welcome members from throughout the Indo-Pacific region to explore and share the ageless wisdom in fellowship, meet old friends and make new ones.   These conferences are full of learning and inspiration.  

The Indo-Pacific Conference is a special event held every few years with people coming from many countries in the Asia Pacific region.  New Zealand is the host Section for this conference and we look forward to welcoming you here.

Theme:  The Why of the Theosophical Society

               Exploring the purpose of the Society, the reason for its existence in today's world.

Venue:  Rose Park Hotel   (Visit the website to have a closer look).   

Rose PArk Hotel

Located in Parnell, Auckland overlooking Sir Dove Myer Robinson Park, which incorporates the stunning Parnell Rose Gardens with attractive views over the Auckland Harbour.  The location is close to central Auckland CBD with easy access to walks and harbour cruises.


Accommodation: Rose Park Hotel

     Single or twin share rooms available with wifi access, restaurant and swimming pool.

Twin Share Resturant and Rose Garden

           Twin share room on the left and view from the restaurant to the rose garden across the road.

Registration:   PLEASE NOTE REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED.  The conference has proved very popular and the conference facility is now booked out.

Speakers & Presentations:           

Tim BoydTim Boyd is the International President of the Theosophical Society and the International Theosophical Order of Service.  Born in New York City, he studied at Brown University and later at the University of Chicago.  In Chicago Tim joined the TSA in 1974 and co-founded a Theosophical spiritual community in Chicago’s inner city.  The group held classes on the Ageless Wisdom, meditation and healing.  They formed a business which helped stabilise neighbourhoods through the training and employment of local youth and the creation of affordable homes for area residents.

Tim has been involved in Theosophical work at many levels:  from lodge member, to TSA president and president of the Theosophical Order of Service USA.   Tim has spoken across the USA and every continent except Africa.  His articles have appeared in journals around the world.

The Critical Change - Tim Boyd

Everyone is aware that change is constant, but making personal change can be difficult. The inner qualities most required – clarity, peacefulness, and wisdom – seem to be in opposition to the world around us. The profound change described as transformation, or regeneration has been the Theosophical Society's focus since its inception.

The Importance of the Centre - Tim Boyd

In geometric figures, gravitational patterns, conscious life forms, and human social and political structures the center and centering are of vital importance. Unfoldment of deeper potentials of consciousness depend on our ability to be aware of, then function through progressively more refined "centers" within us. The Ageless Wisdom tradition gives guidance in this process.  


Text Box:  Speaker:  Dorothy Bell

Dorothy BellDorothy Bell BA, MEd.  Fulbright scholar in education; is trained in curriculum design, corporate governance, strategic management and counselling.  Joining the Theosophical Society in 1999, she served on the Australian TS national executive committee and education unit, and has presented theosophical programmes and published articles internationally.  Her special interest is transformation of consciousness; becoming who we already are and growing Theosophy as a living power in our lives.

Getting to the Heart of the Matter – Dorothy Bell

In the context of the theme of the Conference, it is timely to review the ‘teaching of the teachings’, the instructional methods of the late 19th century that the Society adopted in its beginnings – which were of its time and represent one model of schooling. Since that time, new ways of teaching have been developed that reflect new models of education. These centre on learning and self-empowerment more than on teaching a subject. The question arises, “Does ‘a new continent of thought’ demand a new mode of teaching?” This will be explored.

Text Box:  Speaker:  Linda Oliveira

Linda OliveiraLinda Oliveira joined the Theosophical Society in 1971 in Canberra, Australia.  Her Arts degree is from the Australian National University.  Linda spent a year in the American Section mainly as a student at the Krotona School of Theosophy, California, and working at the National Headquarters of the American Section.  She is a former International Vice-President and is a member of the General Council.  Linda is the National President of the Australian Section and edits Theosophy in Australia magazine.  She holds a conviction that genuine reflection upon the Wisdom teachings provides an opportunity for human spiritual transformation, when they are deeply assimilated and practised.

The Dharma of the Theosophical Society – Linda Oliveira

The word ‘dharma’ is rich and profound suggesting, among other things, an ideal state which contains within it the inherent potential for growth and evolution.  We will consider the applicability of this term to the Theosophical Society when it was formed, whether the dharma of the Society may have changed since 1875, and whether it even requires a change in emphasis at this time.

Text Box:  Speaker:  Pedro Oliveira

Pedro OliveiraPedro Oliveira joined the TS in Brazil in 1978 and worked in several capacities.  He served as International Secretary at Adyar between 1992 and 1996.  In 2001 he was elected President of the Indo-Pacific Federation of the TS, and re-elected in 2004.  He works as Education Coordinator of the TS in Australia and has lectured extensively, in Australia, the Indo-Pacific Region and other countries.

The Theosophical Society: Body, Soul and Spirit – Pedro Oliveira

For many years and in different continents I have heard the criticism that the TS is now ‘old hat’, and that more successful spiritual groups have superseded it.  However, the TS, for the past 140 years, has been reinventing itself to adapt to a fast changing world.  Remarkably, the early inspiration that spurred the beginnings of the fledgling Society is still here through the lives of members who are learning not to live for themselves alone.

Text Box:  Speaker:  Vic Hao Chin Jr.

Vic Hao Chin Jr.Vicente (Vic) Hao Chin Jr is an acclaimed international theosophical leader, speaker, educationalist and writer.  He is the past President of both the Theosophical Society in the Philippines and the Indo-Pacific Federation.  Vic is Editor-in-Chief of the Theosophical Digest and Associate Editor of the Theosophical Encyclopedia.  He is President of Golden Link College, a theosophical school in the Philippines, which he established in 2002.

Applied Theosophy – The Pivotal Factor for the 21st Century – Vic Hao Chin Jr.

The aim of the Theosophical Society is to help bring about individual and social transformation.  Such a transformation cannot be achieved by providing ideas alone.  Applications of such ideas much first be demonstrated to be practicable.  In the past 140 years, the Theosophical Society has developed a powerful body of ideas.  Now, we must seek to strengthen the domain of practice based on these ideas.

Text Box:  Speaker:  Mahendra P. Singhal

Mahendra SinghalMahendra P. Singhal is former international Vice-President of the Theosophical Society, Adyar.  He is a Life Member of the Theosophical Society and an international speaker.

TS: Purpose, Role and Relevance – Mahendra P. Singhal

The purpose of the TS is Holistic Human Transformation by harmonising the psychic and spiritual through Study, Meditation and Service.  TS is a body of students who study and communicate theosophical doctrines to others, especially the young.  TS members popularise theosophical literature, reflecting theosophical values of Unity and Universality in their lives.  TS means unity, peace, harmony – relevant in the Modern World.

Text Box:  Speaker:  Chong Sanne

Chong SanneChong Sanne is President of the Singapore Lodge Theosophical Society and Presidential Representative for Asia, East & South East.  He is a long-time student of theosophy.

An Overview of the Mahatma Letters – Chong Sanne

More than 300 letters from seven Mahatmas were received privately by early members of the TS.  It is not just the phenomenal ways in which the letters arrived but the omniscience and encyclopedic knowledge of the Mahatmas that are remarkable.  Profound teachings in these letters are intriguing and their gems of Wisdom are a source of inspiration.

Text Box:



Speaker:  John Vorstermans

John VorstermansJohn Vorstermans is the National President of the Theosophical Society in New Zealand and President of the Indo-Pacific Federation.  John has spent many years studying and endeavouring to practise teachings from the Wisdom Tradition, to experience their real wonder and gain knowledge that study alone cannot bring. 

John has also focused on transformative processes that help people to understand themselves and create change in their lives.

The Why of the Theosophical Society – John Vorstermans

The ‘why’ or purpose of the Theosophical Society is important to understand clearly if we, as an organisation are going to communicate with a consistent message.  If we know our ‘why’ then we can more easily define how we fulfil our purpose and what we do to make this happen.  The Theosophical Society was unique when it was founded 140 years years ago but today we may be seen as lost in a world of many apparently similar organisations.


Theosophical Order of Service

TOSSpecial Session

With  Renee Sell, National Coordinator TOS New Zealand





Post Conference Outing.  See further down page.

Post Conference Theosophy and Science Seminar.

Following the Indo-Pacific Conference, there will be a Science and Theosophy Seminar held at the Auckland Theosophical Centres.  For more information on this please visit the Theosophy New Zealand website.

Post Conference Outing.

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