Tenth World Congress of the Theosophical Society


The tenth World Congress of the Theosophical Society will take place in Rome, Italy, from 10th to 15th July 2010, focusing on the following subject: “Universal Brotherhood without any distinctions: a path towards awareness”.
The subject is closely related to the history and activity of the Theosophical Society and to its previous nine World Congresses which have always offered great opportunities to scholars from all over the world to meet, to study, to share ideas and points of view.

The Rome Congress will also be a valuable time to stay together, to exchange information and deepen our knowledge.
The Theosophical Society, since its foundation in New York 17th November 1875, has promoted the object of Universal Brotherhood without any distinctions, encouraging at the same time the study of comparative religion, philosophy and science.
Its aims go back directly to the ageless teachings of the schools of wisdom which have based their method on the maieutic system and the holistic approach.

Theosophy is not a religion, imposes no dogmas and points toward the source of unity of life; the Theosophical Society is not a church or a sect and every member is given the real possibility to do research according to the principle of freedom.

The Italian Theosophical Society, dissolved 71 years ago by Fascism for its refusal to accept racial law, is very honoured to organize the 2010 World Congress to reaffirm the values of Beauty, Goodness and Truth, the principle of Brotherhood and communication among researchers and scientists of different creeds and world views.

Radha Bournier, world president of the Theosophical Society and eminent Sanskrit scholar, Linda Oliveira from Australia, world vice-president, and Prof. P. Krishna, a leading world scholar of Jiddu Krishanamurti’s philosophy, have already confirmed their presence in Rome.

Organizational notes

The Congress will be held at the Summit Roma Hotel, in via della Stazione Aurelia 99, 00165 Rome; tel. +39 06 665071, fax +39 06 66418062; e-mail: pierelli@srh.it

The location where our work will take place is easy to reach from the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport and by road or rail transportation towards the city centre of Rome, whose history and beauty will accompany and enrich our days at the Congress.

The reference prices for the stay, inclusive of breakfast, lunch and dinner, are as follows: € 88.00 per day in a double room, € 110.00 per day in a single room and € 70.00 per day in a triple room.

The hotel registration form must be filled in and sent by e-mail to: pierelli@srh.it or by fax (+39 06 66418062). In the last case please print it in block letters.

We shall be gradually providing you with all further information on the Congress and its programme.

The telephone and fax number of the Italian Theosophical Society are: +39 0444 962921, +39 0444 561244; e-mail: sti@teosofica.org

English will be the official language of the Congress.
Some Sections will provide written translation of the lectures in their own mother-tongue.

The opening time of the Congress will be on Saturday 10th at 10.00 a.m. and the closure will be in the morning of Thursday 15th.

The Congress registration fee, including admission to all Congress sessions, is 50 euros and can be paid on the arrival at the spot.

It will be possible to buy theosophical literature in English and Italian.

A sightseeing tour of Rome is scheduled for the afternoon of Tuesday 13th.

You are warmly invited to join us!